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Why do Breathwork?

Hi everyone

This a quick post about breathwork to give you an idea of why practicing breathing can be beneficial for you!

So ask yourself, why breathe?

Breathing is automatic. why pay attention to it, why make it an aware function rather than just letting it do what it does naturally.

When we think about our breath, every emotional, psychological and physiological state has an associated breathing pattern. The way we breathe when we are angry or upset is not the same way we breathe when we are peaceful and calm.

With breathwork we are hacking in to our nervous system and our brain which can enable us to have control. Breathing slowly and deeply is better for your wellbeing and health than breathing shallow and fast and research shows we can extend our lifespan if we breathe slower and more deeply.

I believe in the power of breathwork so much that I have undertaken further training to be able to support my clients to use it to work through stress, anxiety and depression.

Join me in the video in nadi shodhana pranayama which translates to alternative nostril breathing, coming up next!.

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