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Updated: Apr 4

The latest buzz at Love Your Mind Body & Soul

March 2024 is proving to be an exciting month so far. Filled with exciting opportunities and many many challenges.

Places for the International Day of Happiness - Free Yoga and Tea events on Wednesday 24th March are filling up fast, if you haven't booked in yet then head over to the webpage, link below and get yourself booked in now!

The Beginners Course starting on the 1st April is also something to get excited about. This course runs for 6 weeks, every Monday evening at 6pm and costs only £50.

I have only put 6 places for 6 lucky beginners to come and learn the basic fundamentals of yoga. The reason for 6 is to be able to give us time and space to explore some of the asanas (poses) together and correct posture and work on becoming confident on your yoga stop beginners classes!!

All my classes are tailored to all levels and abilities, any questions, get in touch anytime!

Book through the link below.

Also on Wednesday 20th March is another reason to be happy, the spring equinox takes place at 3.06am and marks the point of the year that the days and the nights are of equal lengths. Equal means balance, therefore it is a goof time to take stock of your days and nights, is there anything in them that stands out as an issue or a challenge that requires some balance?

Perhaps you need more movement in your life as you are stuck at your desk all day, or perhaps you move too much and don't make time for rest. Either way, this is the perfect time of year to think about what you want to do about creating balance in your life.

Spring is a time for change and growth so lets do it now and if you struggle with finding balance and you want to work on this or any other issue in your life then why not have a few counselling sessions? Counselling can help you to take steps to get on track and stay on track, click the link below and then get in touch to get booked in!

The Women's empowerment group begins this month. This group will be held every second Friday evening from 6pm - 7.30pm.

The group will be a safe space to explore a different topic every week, whether its stress management, menopause, or just talking about how your week has been then this group is for you. We will drink cacau, meditate and leave all our worries at the door, just in time to be able to enjoy the weekend to the very fullest!

Book now using the link below, first group meets on Friday 22nd at 6pm.

Last but not least, the self - care Sunday group begins on Sunday 31st March from 6pm till 7.30pm

This group will focus on mind body and soul and everyone is welcome along!

We will do some gentle yoga, meditation and breathwork and leave feeling amazing and relaxed. a great way to fight the back to work fear! Booking below!

So that's you all caught up, have a fantastic day and I hope to see you all very soon!

Love Sally xx

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