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Pranayama (Yogic Breathing)

This is Siobhan, she teaches pranayama (breathing classes) every month at Merchant City Yoga in Glasgow.

If you think about the importance of the breath, rather than taking it for granted, allow yourself to reflect on pranayama - prana means life force (breath) and yama means control.

Our first breath in this life is a huge inhale in and then out last breath is an exhale out, completing the life cycle. We breathe into life and then out of it at the end.

Learning about the breath and developing a regular breathing practice has loads of benefits. The calming, balancing effects of this breath work can last all day and help us feel better and respond better to the challenges of daily life.

Siobhan has very kindly shared a special audio session with everyone that you can download and use at home. In this 20-minute session you’ll explore the breath as it fills different parts of the body. Focusing on abdominal breathing which instantly helps us get into a state of peace and calm. Siobhan says…

“The breath is a magical, wonderful, transformative thing. We don't think of this as the root of our feelings but as the breath changes in us, it changes how we behave and react to life. Treat it with respect and it'll grow that respect in you.

A daily breath practice is a tool for life. An empowering, calming, balancing, nurturing and strengthening tool. Doing a daily practice lasts all day. The full 24 hours, not just for the short period of time we spend practising.

In this 20-minute session we’ll practice a traditional way to connect to a yogic breath. The breathing done in this way will help us focus and bring us back to our true self.

When we really taste the first feelings that stir from abdominal breathing, we get an instant feeling of steadiness and calm within the mind. This is because we activate the vagus nerve and reclaim our emotions by strengthening our nervous system and parasympathetic nerve paths.

"It’s a simple but powerful practice that I hope you enjoy.”

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