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This part is my testimony...........

The psychotherapeutic and counselling work I have done in the past 7 years under the name Sally Railley Psychotherapy has honestly been the most amazing time spent in my working life.

I am eternally grateful to all my clients who come along every week and trust me with their deepest hopes and fears, it truly has been an honour to work with each and every person.

Now I am adding more holistic based practices to my repertoire of skills and experience, I want to say a further huge thank you to all my supporters in this venture, I really couldn't have done it without the absolute amazing support I have received from family, friends and clients.

Thank you so so much

Love Sally xxx

It was a relief after the first session to know that Sally was going to war with me. The war in my mind, the battle I was losing on my own.
Tremendously grateful to have Sally at a time in my life that was particularly challenging.
Thank you Sally

G. Glassford, Coatbridge

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