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I am so happy you have stopped by to visit my website. It means so much, please have a browse through what's on offer!

Please get in touch with any enquiries regarding any of my services and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Where to Find
Love Your Mind Body & Soul

For all services available including yoga classes. 
4 Carrick Street, AYR, KA7 1NS​
Also for counselling and psychotherapy I can be booked for sessions in Airdrie  Wellwynd, AIRDRIE, ML6 6BD
​​Sally - 07719455114​​

Class Schedule

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Zen Buddha Decor

This months featured promotion is.................

Our July Offer

Reiki Energy Healing Sessions - Half Price

I have just completed my Reiki Masters and am excited to bring Reiki Healing to my clients once again in a super special offer - Only £20 per session, marked down from £40 per 1 hour session! Contact me directly to book in!

Reiki healing is a form of alternative therapy that promotes relaxation and stress reduction. It is based on the idea that a universal life force energy flows through us and can be channelled to promote healing. Reiki practitioners use their hands to transfer this energy to their clients, helping to balance their energy and promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. you're interested in exploring the benefits of regular reiki sessions then now is your chance.

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